Friday, September 16, 2011

The world is a nest of crows

The world is a nest of crows; some caw in praise, others in derision. But you should be above the reach of both. Make light of praise and treat it as something unworthy of your attention, only then can you enjoy real happiness and be free. Even Avatars like Rama, Krishna and Baba have not escaped blame; will normal men be spared? People are fond of themselves, their own religions, customs and homelands. This affection makes one criticise other’s faiths and beliefs. Though related to religion and ones' relationship to God, such impulses are impure. Recognize this fact and remove these tendencies by repetition of God's name and meditation, that fill the heart with the universal wisdom of theAtma. These tendencies will be transformed and transmuted into sacred impulses, and will eventually vanish.

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