Saturday, September 10, 2011

how can you re-gain your divine nature

Remember, the one who is a slave to impulses and tendencies (vasanas) is devoid of Jnana (wisdom). In truth, such a person is a weakling. The impulses invade the heart, causing endless trouble. They remind you of the pleasures of past experiences and make you crave for them again. The desires that arise thus, make the senses and their leader, the mind, restless; having no choice, you then pursue these cravings. The impulses operate so subtly and powerfully, that all this happens in the twinkling of an eye. Just as the seed contains within itself the trunk, branches, twigs, leaves, flowers and fruits, so too, all these effects lie dormant in the vasanas. But let Me assure you - there is no cause for despair! You can regain your divine nature, that was lost by neglect, as soon as you uproot your impulses.

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