Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If you wish to attain Self Realization, you must uproot them completely

While the liberated soul overcomes the impulses, an ordinary person cultivates them. One can use pure impulses to remove impure ones, but in due course one must discard them too; just as the thorn that is used to remove a thorn is also thrown away. If you wish to attain Self Realisation, it is not enough if you control the impulses; you must uproot them completely. Just like negative ones, good impulses too lead to bondage. This means that, even the purest desire - craving for liberation, has to be cast away eventually. One should attain the stage where neither good nor bad, attracts or repels; for a shackle is a shackle, be it of iron or gold. So if you wish to realise God, you should uproot your impulses, curb the mind, and strive to un

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