Friday, September 16, 2011

The Atmatoo, has no obligation, or duty.

The Atma (Divine Self) has no entry or exit, no form or imperfection. It is subtler than the subtlest, greater than the greatest. Like space, it is all pervasive - and being ‘everything’ it is free from the feelings, ‘I and mine’. Just as fire is heat, Atma is consciousness. As it is beyond distress or delusion, it is Paramananda – supreme, everlasting ecstasy. The Buddhi (intellect), like the moon, has no light in itself; it only reflects the brilliance of the Atma which is like the sun. The Sun by its very presence dispels darkness and so is called the Enlightener; but it is neither doing this consciously nor is it duty bound. The Atmatoo, has no obligation, or duty. If asked how the Atma becomes a ‘doer’, the reply is: ‘Is the magnet acting, simply because the needle nearb y moves? The Atma therefore is the core of all beings; the awareness in all.

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